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The specialist crane division of Dale Lifting and Handling based in Manchester, United Kingdom

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No matter what industry you are, Dales' have the solution to your handling requirements. Why not use our value added service to save you time and money Dale Lifting and Handling Specialists can provide exactly what you need. Providers of the very best brands and materials from around the world.

By working closely with our customers in the following:

  • Manufacturing, Food and Pharmaceutical industries
  • Construction and Engineering workshops
  • Retail and Warehouse applications
  • Water and Power Utilities

We have developed a range of standard and bespoke solutions to suit most Lifting and Handling applications. Our design facility and expertise is providing customer specific handling solutions. Why not call our design team for a free consultation on 0845 270 2919

Overhead cranes - Not just for very heavy loads!
Our speciality is providing cost-effective answers to customers handling needs. Making the best use of work areas and storage space has never had greater value than now. Quite literally, our new lightweight cranes add a new dimension to the safe movement of materials in the workplace.
In the same way, swing jib cranes, mobile gantry cranes and lifting davits are often used at workstations as well as other applications. These can often be installed within the working cube of a heavier rated factory cranes, which are generally used for loads that need to travel the greatest distance in the least amount of time.

While conveyors and lift trucks are focused on moving inventory, work-in-process, and finished goods at or near floor level, cranes do most of their work well above the floor and often at ceiling height.

This, in turn, frees up the floor for other activities, making overhead cranes a space saver in addition to being an efficient way to move loads.
Regardless of the specific application, each crane type offers its own range of movement, both directionally and in distance, while handling loads with manipulators of various dimensions and capacities. In addition, the frequency of moves differs by crane type.

While most cranes are either electric or air powered, some are operated manually. As with other types of materials handling equipment, manual operation is generally confined to applications handling the lightest loads and the least frequency of use.

Possibly the biggest range of jib cranes in the world. We offer standard and bespoke jib cranes from 50 kgs to 10,000 kgs in the following configurations: Wall mounted jib cranes, column mounted jib cranes, articulated jib cranes, overbraced jib cranes, cantilever jib cranes, powered jb cranes, machine mounted jib cranes::

For applications in:

• Manufacturing and Car plants
• Loading bays
• Maintenance Workshops
• Machine loading
• Assembly areas and paint shops 
• Utility sites and Chemical Works

Our comprehensive range of portable lifting davits cover all applications are and include:

Alumnium lifting davits, stainless steel lifting davits, galvanised steel lifting davits, painted finish lifting davits. We can provide models for use with manual and electric hoists, manual, drill driven, battery powered and main electric winches including 110V for outdoor applications.

Standard and bespoke gantries in steel and Aluminium are available to order for all application.
We manufacture steel mobile gantries for use where overhead lifting required on a permanent basis.

For site and maintenance applications we recommend two types of Aluminium portable mobile gantry with extremely lightweight yet strong construction designed for quick and easy assembly on site.

Typical applications are:

• Maintenance Workshops
• Vehicle Workshops and Garages
• Assembly and Paint shops
• Utility sites and Chemical Works
• Construction Entertainment
• HVAC • Water and waste
•Maintenance Workshops
• Vehicle Workshops and garages
• Assembly and Paint shops
• Utility sites and Chemical Works
• Manufacturing
• Maritime
• Transportation

One-Stop Service

As the North West's longest established supplier of lifting and handling equipment, (established in 1830), we bring with us an enviable reputation for quallity (Q5927 BSI registered to BS EN ISO 9001:2000) and service, together with a unique accumulation of skills, knowledge and experience.

Membership of the Lifting Equipment Engineeers Association enables us to provide highly skilled, LEEA trained staff. Branded, industry-recognised products and best quality materials ensuring long term benefits and optimum performance. Other products CAD designed and built in our purpose-built manufacturing and testing facility in Manchester include:

•  Lifting beams
• Spreader frames
• Big bag lifters
•  L
ifting frames
• Special grabs
• Load supports
• Fall arrest tracks
• Safety pallet gates
• Safety barriers
• Special-purpose racking
• Load manipulators
• Lifting clamps
• Material handlers
• Special trolleys
• Overhead travelling cranes
• Underslung cranes